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Venturi Assemblies

 Venturies are the bottom half of a hopper mud mixing assembly which includes a Jet Nozzle. We know that some parts wear faster than others, we sell full assemblies or just parts! what ever we can help you with we'd love to help. 

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Mud Hoppers

 Our Mud Hoppers (AKA "Mixing Hopper") are double-sided with a 6" flange, we sell individual hoppers, or full mud hopper assemblies. Please contact us for any inquires call or email us at moose and we would be glad to give you all the information you need!  

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Mud Gun Nozzles

 Here at moose we sell 3" and 2" Mud Gun Nozzles. Our Mud Gun Nozzles are lined with a rugged elastomer, they last longer with less wear on your mud pumps. This is the best product for maintaining your pumps in the most cost effective way! Oilfield Products, Edmonton

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Oilfield Products

Double Life Products:

We are a Canadian Double Life Distributor

• Double Life Shakers

• Desanders / Desilter

• Mud Agitators 

• Degassers

• Mud Cleaners

Double Life Co.